Day 128 of gratitude ❤️

 Today I’m grateful for life! Today I have felt love and compassion from the small circle that surrounds us. AND I was brave enough to speak my mind about a family situation to my grandparents!

Some days are just good!

It’s never been my strong side to see these days, but this gratitude state is really changing my view.

This fall I have prepared my kids that we will not have unlimited resources during Christmas since I’m a student. But over the past couple of days we have gotten so many unexpected blessings and gifts! My heart is truly touched!

And today when the kids saw the gifts under the tree they looked at me like I had lied 😂😂 so I had to tell them they are blessed to have good people in their life’s! Because Santa hasn’t been here yet with his gifts!

Their looks was just amazing ❤️ true gratitude is easily seen in the face of a child!

And this Christmas is most of all about the blessings of having family over for dinner at Christmas Eve (in Norway we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve). Not the gifts! And it just show that a grateful and giving heart gets the same back! It’s actually 4(!!)presents under the tree for me too! And that doesn’t include all the homemade stuff the kids have wrapped 😎 over the last decade I have never had store bought gifts! The money my parents have given me have usually gone to my kids or food 😜

I might sound superficial, but I’m just thankful. Really really thankful. This has been a good year💫


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