Day 3 of gratitude ~ 2016 🌸

I love my computers… when they work though! I know this is a gratitude post, but after I upgraded my windows on my laptop I have had heaps of issues just getting online or get a picture saved. And when you then want to do something as crazy as updating your WP theme you have to use the amount of self control you have left at the end of the day! Bah!

But then again it is fun, it is fun to change the theme, it is fun to change the look on my blog every now and then. And every time I learn something new! So I am grateful for my computers, my blog, my curiosity, my will to explore and never give up 😉

Thank YOU for still being around, I’m getting back to my blog schedule this upcoming week, so tomorrow is the first weekly guidance of 2016!

I’m excited and eager to kick this year off with everyday life! I love vacations, but when its been awhile I’m really excited to get back to the regularity we have in our everyday life ❤


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