Bucket list

I keep seeing other people’s bucket lists, so here goes, heres mine! I will  keep adding to it as time goes by and my dreams most likely changes. And when I’m lucky to get something accomplished I will also do that 🙂

  1. Become a mum ( I AM to three beautiful children)
  2. Become a teacher
  3. Travel to Australia
  4. Go on a yoga retreat
  5. Get a full sleeve tattoo
  6. Go til Chile (been there once, would love to go back)
  7. Go to New York City
  8. Learn to use a paddle board
  9. Learn Spanish
  10. Become a yoga teacher one day
  11. Do a tarot or other card reading class
  12. Get married (strange but that’s a dream of mine)
  13. See Rome (getting married there would be the ultimate dream)
  14. Live in a forigne country (I have lived two years in Thailand)
  15. Scuba diving (Im a dive master, would love to go diving again)
  16. Go to a class by Doreen Virtue (seen her live in Oslo, but would love to do a class)
  17. attend a music festival
  18. attend a yoga or spiritual festival of some sort
  19. Go to London
  20. Run “color me rad” in Oslo
  21. Visit Burning Man



4 thoughts on “Bucket list

  1. Getting married is also on my list!! On the top… Like it used to be THE ONLY thing on my list… A few weeks ago, I added a couple of items more 🙂 (So at least, I could tick one ;D)

    I love your list!

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