My weekly blog schedule 📋

My blog


Monday guidance A reading for the upcoming week with oracle or/and tarot cards.
Tuesday inspiration Uplifting quotes, texts, tricks, tips and meme’s.
Life as it is Wednesday Update and thoughts about my life.
Throwback Thursday A glimpse back in time.
Fun-day-Friday! A humoristic view on life. 
Coffee-hang-out Saturday Thoughts and views on life if we were sharing a cup of coffee.
Sunday song A song that fits the day, mood, situation.

Updated on the 22th of August 2015:I will now  be doing the The Daily Post Photo Challenge every week. The topic is usually posted on my Friday evening, so I will do the challenge sometime during the weekends. I have also made a category where I collect all my additions to the challenge will be collected 🙂

I start to use this schedule on Monday the 3rd of August.

NOTE: from today August the 6th 2015 I will only use photos I have taken or have found on, if I use photos from other sources I will add a link to the source underneath the photo.


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