Day 52/53 of gratitude 👌🏻

Morning yoga! Over the last week I have been doing more yoga than I have in the last month and it feels amazing! And I’m going to keep going so I can get into a good practice again where my body and mind can really relax and feel calm.

Yoga is also a perfect tool when I’m stressed out. It helps me to focus and breathe 👌🏻 and it is also helping me to love my body!

My eating has changed so drastically, I’m feeling hunger and fullness, but I’m not loosing much weight. Instead I’m starting to enjoy my body, to push it in yoga is just wonderful and I have realized that I don’t need to be skinny to do yoga. My body is a yoga body, no matter the size as long as I keep practicing 💜🙏🏻

The grip my eating disorder had on me for over 20 years is loosing up.. I’m not controlled by food anymore, my mind is free and healing. Food is my friend, my body is my temple. I am slowly learning to love and appreciate my temple and it feels so good. It makes me feel so blessed and grateful, I’m healthy and okay just the way I am 🙏🏻



Day 40 of gratitude

These two days at university has really been busy! And the rest of the week is busy too! So tonight and tomorrow night I will escape into my own very private life and breath. Being an introvert is in some ways really a blessing to me, but on days where I have to interact a lot with space, the small moments for alone time is like 10 millions in the bank! No kidding!

Personality and traits have always been mysterious to me, but after I learned about my own personality and traits on a deeper level life is flowing better and better because I now allow myself to these magical breaks in life ❤

Never feel bad about putting yourself first, we all deserve to be the first choice on a regular basis ❤


Weekly guidance 🔮

Another busy study day so this week comes again from Doreen Virtues deck Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle deck. 

Today is a new moon and it fits well with this message. Start fresh, let go of what is not working. Change can be painful, but not as painful as living in the past and never move forward. Dare to put yourself first. You deserve a break, you deserve to smile and laugh, remember you are ALWAYS enough ❤️

Weekly guidance 🔮

 Today I actually used the app with the Archangel Power Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine to give you guidance. I believe they are just as accurate as the deck. It is just my focus that needs to be turned on.

Two of Raphael equals two of cups in my regular deck. And this card is always about love and partnership to me. But strangely this week I feel this card is more about ourselves and the union we have to make between mind and soul. How we need to love ourselves on the inside and the outside. How we need to find the balance between our yin and yang. Only when we do this are we able to open our  hearts and souls to another persons love. When the bond we create with ourselves are strong and solid, we also show the world that we are secure and happy, but most of all ready to love. And ready to be loved.

Take time this week to nurture yourself and those around you that you truly feel safe and loved by. Don’t wast your energy on old feelings, and old hopes. Remember that we have just entered Mercury direct and that helps us to see things clearer.  In addition we have the powerful energies form Saturdays full moon in Leo, every full moon we shall leave behind the things that are not pushing us forward. Let it go.  Speak your voice, love yourself and look towards your future. What has been can never be changed ❤


Maria xoxoxoxox

From the booklet: 

Two of Raphael
“Two hearts dedicated to creating something wonderful. Kindred spirits. Don’t give up on those you love.”

“Two hearts can create something wonderful! A friendship can grow deeper, or a romance can flourish and bloom. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, time deepens the bond, and a long-term connection based on respect and understanding develops. This is the card of kindred spirits.
Forgiveness heals wounded feelings. Relationships can be reconciled. Now is not the time to give up on those you love. Disagreements between people or groups will come to positive resolutions.

Additional meaning: Flirting, making a commitment, mutual interests, a magnetic connection.”


Day 3 of gratitude ~ 2016 🌸

I love my computers… when they work though! I know this is a gratitude post, but after I upgraded my windows on my laptop I have had heaps of issues just getting online or get a picture saved. And when you then want to do something as crazy as updating your WP theme you have to use the amount of self control you have left at the end of the day! Bah!

But then again it is fun, it is fun to change the theme, it is fun to change the look on my blog every now and then. And every time I learn something new! So I am grateful for my computers, my blog, my curiosity, my will to explore and never give up 😉

Thank YOU for still being around, I’m getting back to my blog schedule this upcoming week, so tomorrow is the first weekly guidance of 2016!

I’m excited and eager to kick this year off with everyday life! I love vacations, but when its been awhile I’m really excited to get back to the regularity we have in our everyday life ❤

Tuesday inspiration!

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”
― Albert Einstein

“We always know which is the best road to follow, but we follow only the road that we have become accustomed to.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

“You must train your intuition – you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.”
― Ingrid Bergman


I had a five hours operation last Sunday. Before the narcosis the nurse told me to think about something happy. I was in so much pain that I told her it was almost impossible to find a happy thought.

But then I thought about my kids. And I drifted away.

When they woke me up from the narcosis I cried, a lot.

They didn’t understand why I cried so much. But I know why and I still remember why clearly.

What I remember is that just before they woke me up I was having a very realistic dream. And calling it a dream almost seems wrong.

Because what I was doing while being unconscious or in narcosis or a sleep, was spending time with Jom.  Jom was the love of my life. He passed away 12 years ago. We spent a brief time together in Thailand, but he marked my soul with his love back then.

In my “dream “we were happy together celebrating life, living, smiling and laughing. It was nothing romantic about the “dream”. It was like a normal day in life.

And in the middle of doing housework or something like that. He freezes up turns around and look me in the eyes and says: your kids need you, but we will meet again.

I protest in my dream. I tell him in my dream I don’t want to leave him. I tell him my kids will be fine and that I want to stay with him. He just kisses me and smiles.

And then I wake up crying, nurses everywhere trying to call me down. They ask me why I’m crying, but it’s too hard to tell them. And on the other hand I’m scared they will think I’m crazy if I tell them something like this.

And to this day it makes me cry, it felt so real to be with him again. And in some ways I feel guilty for saying my kids don’t need me and for wanting to stay with him.

When you are in a narcosis your body needs help to breath and I wonder if it gives your soul the possibility to touch other souls that has passed on.

I love my kids I would never leave them intentionally, but I loved him too so I understand why I felt the need to stay with him when it felt like an option. Life is filled with mysteries and this particular experience has made me wonder about life even more.