Blogging was always about healing and sharing my path. And a part of my path is humor! I can’t live without laughing. And being a person that sometimes sees life way TOO serious I need to add some fun to make life happy and less stressful!

Hope I can help you to smile or even laugh today, have a blessed Friday ❀

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Day 54 of gratitude πŸ’•


Today we had a good day, despite Leon’s mini breakdown over having a day off daycare πŸ˜› He now knows that Tuesdays are days he can bring his own toys to daycare, so that I had planned it so terrible to give him a day off was hard to forgive! But when he then realized it was only 6 days until the next Tuesday his mood changed!

We took a trip to the library because Lara’s less iPad time has inspired her to be a book worm (just like her mom πŸ˜‰ ) Two books in 6 days is a new record! And she know how much I love books and she was so proud when she borrowed two new books today and told me she will try to read them before her spring break is over! Reading books has always been a goldmine for my mind, and I am happy she has taken onΒ my love for books ❀

Lily had her second day at handball school and spent the afternoon with her best friend planning their joined birthday party next month.

I also managed to get started on two of my assignments today, hopefully they will be done by Friday so I can spend my weekend reading for my bachelor assignment. Yesterday I was not motivated, but today when I was doing research I figured out a plan that will help me when I am writing my bachelor assignment too! Win-win situation, I love that!

The final thing I am happy for today is the sun!! Today we all rocked sneakers, lighter jackets and sunglasses out in the bright sun, I can truly feel spring coming!!! And I am getting excited about planning some garden stuff this summer! But first I have my bachelor assignment due in May, my 5 exams in May/June, and teacher training next week for 5 weeks and lastly our Spain vacation in June/July on the agenda πŸ˜‰

At the end of July I can focus on my garden, but it is important to have goals and dreams right?

Day 3 of gratitude ~ 2016 πŸŒΈ

I love my computers… when they work though! I know this is a gratitude post, but after I upgraded my windows on my laptop I have had heaps of issues just getting online or get a picture saved. And when you then want to do something as crazy as updating your WP theme you have to use the amount of self control you have left at the end of the day! Bah!

But then again it is fun, it is fun to change the theme, it is fun to change the look on my blog every now and then. And every time I learn something new! So I am grateful for my computers, my blog, my curiosity, my will to explore and never give up πŸ˜‰

Thank YOU for still being around, I’m getting back to my blog schedule this upcoming week, so tomorrow is the first weekly guidance of 2016!

I’m excited and eager to kick this year off with everyday life! I love vacations, but when its been awhile I’m really excited to get back to the regularity we have in our everyday life ❀

Never stop smiling!

Fun-day-Friday is here! I just L❀️VE funny memes! These are some I have saved from my fb or Instagram over the summer!

Hope you crack out a smile too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰





Have a great day out there!