Blogging was always about healing and sharing my path. And a part of my path is humor! I can’t live without laughing. And being a person that sometimes sees life way TOO serious I need to add some fun to make life happy and less stressful!

Hope I can help you to smile or even laugh today, have a blessed Friday ❤

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todays promt: Happy world smile day!


Isnt that ironic 😉 As I’m having a dark and sad day, the prompt of today is about light and smiles 🙂 Well, as I hoped my feelings and I got along after I wrote it all out and my kids came home. We followed the oldest to swimming practice, ate hotdogs and ice creams and had a great time all of us ❤

So I really feel good about making my list now;

10 things that make me smile:


  1. My kids ( I could actually put my kids from number 1 and to forever ❤
  2. My blog is making me smile these days, it uplifts my mood and I love how good it feels to interact with others blogging.
  3. Books. I love books and they always give me a smile, sometimes tears too, but it always ends up with a smile.
  4. Food  O M G! I love food 😛 I love to cook and bake, but mostly for others.
  5. The internet, yet again I love how it, like blogging, gives me the opportunity to connect with others like myself.
  6. My friends. They are few, but I treasure them close to my heart.
  7. Travelling. I just love being on an airport! One day I wish to just go there and buy a random ticket and fly out to find new adventures (guess that should be on my bucket list!)
  8. Puppis! I just  love how cute they are!!
  9. Babies!! I love other people’s babies, and I’m so thankful mine are grown out of it 😛
  10. Candles, wine, pillows, blankets, my favorite tv show and the dark fall evening!! It’s just sooooo cozy! I think I’m gonna have one of those nights tonight ❤

There are actually a lot more that makes me smile, and as I was writing this I also realized this list is a gratitude list too! So what makes me smile is everything I’m grateful for!

Peace, out!