So I have this urge to write, but there is so little time! There have been many years since life was as busy as it is right now, and some days I wonder if I really like it like this… Some days I don’t even know what the day is or how to get through everything I have to do!

Image result for burning my candle at both endsAnd in some ways I know if I stay on this track I will hit that horrible dark spot again, the one I have stayed clear from for over 2 years now. It’s not like I feel it coming, but I just know that if I keep burning my candle at both ends it will happen. So how does anyone find the balance between excitement and relaxation? The balance between giving and receiving? The balance to live happily in high speed and slowing down when needed?

I definitely don’t have the answers yet! But I know that I have taken some small steps to change my environment to help me find the balance. This last weekend I changed out my yoga space in my bedroom with an office space. Because honestly, I never did yoga in my bedroom after I created a yoga space in the living room. Image result for easelAnd who needs TWO yoga spots in one house LOL 😉
So now its22.41 pm and I’m not crawled up in bed yet, I am sitting in my office space and writing. And it feels great to have this time by myself. To do what I love! Because before I got this space I went to bed when the kids did around 9 pm and watched movies and just slept. My office space was then in the hallway and I made to much noise for the kids to sleep and I felt uninspired sitting alone in a long dark hallway. Now I have my stuff all around me and I can light candles and incense sticks and just enjoy writing, or even paint if I feel like it 🙂 All I want from Santa now is an easel, that would make my personal space even more fun!!

So hopefully I will be around more, and I am also looking forward to writing more about my inner journey over the last 6 months. It has been a lot of changes, and I feel ready to share some of it soon ❤ And hopefully I will be able to start sharing on the Survivers blog too soon ❤

See you around soon!




Tuesday Inspiration!

Day 52/53 of gratitude 👌🏻

Morning yoga! Over the last week I have been doing more yoga than I have in the last month and it feels amazing! And I’m going to keep going so I can get into a good practice again where my body and mind can really relax and feel calm.

Yoga is also a perfect tool when I’m stressed out. It helps me to focus and breathe 👌🏻 and it is also helping me to love my body!

My eating has changed so drastically, I’m feeling hunger and fullness, but I’m not loosing much weight. Instead I’m starting to enjoy my body, to push it in yoga is just wonderful and I have realized that I don’t need to be skinny to do yoga. My body is a yoga body, no matter the size as long as I keep practicing 💜🙏🏻

The grip my eating disorder had on me for over 20 years is loosing up.. I’m not controlled by food anymore, my mind is free and healing. Food is my friend, my body is my temple. I am slowly learning to love and appreciate my temple and it feels so good. It makes me feel so blessed and grateful, I’m healthy and okay just the way I am 🙏🏻


Weekly guidance 🔮

Another busy study day so this week comes again from Doreen Virtues deck Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle deck. 

Today is a new moon and it fits well with this message. Start fresh, let go of what is not working. Change can be painful, but not as painful as living in the past and never move forward. Dare to put yourself first. You deserve a break, you deserve to smile and laugh, remember you are ALWAYS enough ❤️

Day 31 of gratitude 🎈

Ritu over at But I Smile Anyway had this awesome picture of the map from the statistic page. So I had to investigate my own, and I was pretty surprised over how many countries had visited me in 2015! 103 countries! That’s just amazing!

Overall I had 9071 views and what I like even more is that I had 1281 comments ❤

So grateful to have this blog and being able to chat with people that understand my path, people that share and support. But most of all this blog is not about having views or high number of likes, it is genuinely about sharing my story and hoping that someone out there can be inspired to never stop fighting ❤ Together we are stronger, together we can manage to find our way into the light ❤


Weekly guidance 🔮

 Today I actually used the app with the Archangel Power Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine to give you guidance. I believe they are just as accurate as the deck. It is just my focus that needs to be turned on.

Two of Raphael equals two of cups in my regular deck. And this card is always about love and partnership to me. But strangely this week I feel this card is more about ourselves and the union we have to make between mind and soul. How we need to love ourselves on the inside and the outside. How we need to find the balance between our yin and yang. Only when we do this are we able to open our  hearts and souls to another persons love. When the bond we create with ourselves are strong and solid, we also show the world that we are secure and happy, but most of all ready to love. And ready to be loved.

Take time this week to nurture yourself and those around you that you truly feel safe and loved by. Don’t wast your energy on old feelings, and old hopes. Remember that we have just entered Mercury direct and that helps us to see things clearer.  In addition we have the powerful energies form Saturdays full moon in Leo, every full moon we shall leave behind the things that are not pushing us forward. Let it go.  Speak your voice, love yourself and look towards your future. What has been can never be changed ❤


Maria xoxoxoxox

From the booklet: 

Two of Raphael
“Two hearts dedicated to creating something wonderful. Kindred spirits. Don’t give up on those you love.”

“Two hearts can create something wonderful! A friendship can grow deeper, or a romance can flourish and bloom. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, time deepens the bond, and a long-term connection based on respect and understanding develops. This is the card of kindred spirits.
Forgiveness heals wounded feelings. Relationships can be reconciled. Now is not the time to give up on those you love. Disagreements between people or groups will come to positive resolutions.

Additional meaning: Flirting, making a commitment, mutual interests, a magnetic connection.”


Day 24 of gratitude!

Today I am simply grateful to be living in a time where I can write my thoughts and feelings down and share them with like-minded people who support me and encourage me to live my life authentic and from the heart.

I have always loved writing, and even though it some days feel hard and my brain feels empty, as soon as I touch my keyboard there are words forming from my fingers. My heart speaks. My soul speaks. And I heal.

Thank you for reading my words, and for helping me heal ❤